Post Driver Hire   
Protech P300s post driver knocker.

We use a Protech P300s Hydraulic Post Driver to install many of our Fence and Gate Posts. The Protec is a very powerfull and efficient machine to install with, taking much of the back breaking work out of large fence runs.

With its 300kg weight, it ensures posts are driven as far as possible into the ground to ensure a strong fence well into the future.

The Protech P300s is fully hydraulically operated with side shift - slew - extendable counterweight and hydraulic rock spike for piloting very tough ground conditions.

We offer a hire service of the machine, 4 wheel drive tractor, operator and driver if you need help with driving posts into the ground.

We do not hire just the machine though, it must be driven and operated by ourselves.

Prices are dependent on the distance traveled to the site and per hour worked whilst on site, typically, a per hour rate is £50 for a full days installation.

Please email me for more information